Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ooooh yeah! Keith and I had a big Saturday night out on the town. Raising $$ for our town at the Fire Hall playing BING-O. There were some fantabulous prizes to be won and we invited my sister, Annie (fellow weigh-in buddy, extraordinare) and her hubby, and my sister-in-law (of HOMEMADE butter almond ice cream a few posts down) and her hubby, along with my new friend and resident to our town and her hubby, to join us in the FUN.

Here is my "lucky" Dabber... It clearly states - THE WINNER'S INK on it...

There were probably 12 - 15 awesome baskets/prizes, but here is what I'd hoped to win....

That's all Tastefully Simple Stuff!!

OR even this chocolate lover's basket - as I am one (a chocolate lover - Not a basket)

OR even THIS one would have been very nice to win...

Well, my sister-in-law won this one - very exciting! And my bro-in-law won $30 in g.c.'s to McDonald's, Dunkin Donuts and Wawa (it was called the "Breakfast on the Go" gift bag).

And Annie won $100 cash prize, AND later in the evening won a Fondue Pot with her raffle ticket.
And me? Well, I came away with this grand prize...

I think my dabber was supposed to say "The Wiener's Ink".
At least we had a LOG of laughs! And I'll always have the memories....


  1. Too funny Beth!! At least you had a great night out!

  2. It was so much fun! (I read this at 6:30am and couldnt' believe you had posted it so early--it was a nice way to start my day!) Let us know the next time you're going out for BINGO!