Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weigh-In and Way Out

Diet Tip #3: Change your weigh-in day

Okay, so the Sunday weigh-in is not working for me, because I've discovered that Saturday night is my indulgence night. I'd like to keep it that way. My new weigh-in date will be Fridays. It's good to keep things flexible.

Week #3: -1.1 lbs.

More interesting: our Sunday morning. I decided to start out our the dreary, rainy day with a yummy brunch before church time:

Mini Asparagus and Swiss Cheese Fritattas, Walnut Cinnamon Rolls, strawberries and grapefruits. I was inspired by Giada's Breakfast episode this week on the Food Network. Everyone really liked having the frittatas this way. Easy to bake in mini muffin pans so I could do other stuff, and easy to eat. The cinnamon rolls were crazy good and definitely another keeper for future weekend splurges. You can find the recipes for Giada's menu here. I switched it up by using asparagus and swiss instead of ham and parmesan, and for the cinnamon rolls, I used walnuts 'cause I had them, instead of hazelnuts, and neufchatel cheese instead of mascarpone cause that was what was in the fridge today.

I'm hoping that because this was my only meal til dinner, that it won't hurt my weight goal too much. After all, my next weigh-in IS Friday!


  1. I somehow think that changing your weigh-in date to the day BEFORE you eat a lot might be considered cheating but who am I to say...If you ate less on Saturday maybe your weight loss would be greater each week...hmm? Just a thought...but I'm proud of you and your commitment to the plan!!!

  2. Some may look at it as "cheating", but it all works out the following Friday. It isn't like Saturday is completely taken out of the equation. I look it as a way for me to stay at this. If I have to cook yummy food for everyone else and then think, well, I better not have any because weigh-in is tomorrow, or I go to a fancy schmancy restaurant and can't enjoy it because of weigh-in, then I'm likely to give up. This way, I can still have a "day off" - Saturday being the day that seems to be THE DAY. As long as I'm still losing weight, it shouldn't matter. And,let us remember that it takes quite a few days for things to work their way through my system...if you know what I mean...

  3. I'm looking forward to your Friday Weigh-In, then! Maybe I should switch mine too. Saturday always seems to be our day of indulgence as well...Of course I have more to lose so maybe I should keep mine for Sunday so that I stick to it!! hehe!!!

  4. Beth - I am signing on to the challenge to keep myself on track! I guess my weigh in day is Monday, though I don't know if that's so smart. Your Friday plan is a good one - stick to it!

  5. I'm cheering you on Anne Marie (not to be confused with my lil' sis, Annie BTW!!) I have no doubt that you will surpass my weight loss by week 2!!