Sunday, March 15, 2009

Minor Details

After a long week of practices, Saturday was the big day - Evaluations and Try-Outs for Minors Little League for Noah. It is an intense process for the kids. Well, it would have been for me. As a child, I would have thrown-up, passed out - something pathetic. All the parents watching from the sidelines - all the judges holding clipboards on the field, looking all official -like, - each of the coaches, keeping a watchful eye to see which players they might want for their teams. Ugh! Thankfully, Noah didn't inherit that throw-up/pass out gene from me. He may have been nervous, but he didn't show it.

And he did great. Made Minors, and is thrilled. We celebrated his success with Aunt Laurie and Uncle Bill over pizza and fondue - not to mention several nail-biting games of bowling on the Wii.

Apparently, Emmy is trying out for the mascot. And thankfully she allowed me to use her camera again. Hope I have my own by Opening Day!

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