Thursday, September 9, 2010

Skipping Stones

The first day back to school. I now have time to ponder the events of our summer (which I’ll address in another post). Even though the list of “things to be done when the kids go back to school” looms over me, the list of “things I want to do with the kids this summer” stares at me with lots of things still on it to be done! Yesterday as I looked at the list, I questioned whether I’d done enough before having to give them back to the public school. And I don’t mean academically. But then, as I sat to reread a book I received from Thomas Nelson Publishing this summer so that I could review it, I was reminded that even a small stone thrown into the water will make a ripple. The book is entitled The Boy Who Changed The World, by Andy Andrews and is the children’s version of his book The Butterfly Effect.

This beautifully illustrated children’s book has such a wonderful message that I would say it is for young (although not youner than 8) and old alike. The entertaining way in which it is written keeps the reader interested and would make a great read- aloud to a group. Essentially, the author shows how several real individuals’ small acts and positive choices influenced one of the others, and added up to a great invention that “changed the world”. It shows children (and adults, alike!) how their actions and choices really do matter and can have a positive impact on the world. And, that little things can have a really big impact.

I need that reminder as I look back over our summer. And even as I prioritize the things on my to do list today! I can’t wait to read and discuss the book with my kids. I think I’ll add that to the list of “things to be done when the kids go back to school”...