Sunday, March 1, 2009

The First Weigh-In

Diet Tip #1 Get sick the first week of your weight loss "program".

Yeah, it wasn't the best week to jump on Annie's bandwagon of weight loss, because I'm not sure if it was a "typical" week. Due to the constant drip down the back of my throat, and the fact that I couldn't smell anything, I didn't eat like I normally would, and I wasn't as tempted by sweets as I normally might be. I also didn't visit with my trainer, Bob (Biggest Loser) except for one introductory class (first time I tried the DVD). After that I felt that exercise might dislodge my eyeballs from their sockets or my nose right off my face. So, while I wasn't eating normally, I also wasn't very active. Maybe that's okay though...

Week 1: 1lb. lost, bye bye..

I'll take it, and hope that the return of my tastebuds and the ability to breath will make this next week a little more "normal" - and that I'll still lose some weight!

Gearing up for the "big storm" tonight! They are saying 8-12 inches. Haven't seen that much snow up in this here parts since I was a youngin', I wreakin'! I'm hoping the weather people are just full of snow, because I don't want anymore snow days cutting into our beach time this summer!

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  1. I'd like to take a moment of silence to remember your lost pound...ok...that' let's PARTY! 1 down...I can't wait to see how well you do on a normal week when you are able to spend more time with Bob. I talked to someone at work today who works out and is very fit...and apparently she wasn't always that way...she said it's really important to build the muscles because they burn fat...but don't get discouraged when we feel really strong and our bodies still look like marshmallows...she said it takes about 4 weeks for the fat to start melting off but underneathe will be all the muscle we've been working so hard to build...I should really post this on my own blog!