Friday, March 13, 2009

Mundane March or Warm Weather, Where Art Thou?

It's definitely bad when I'm roaming throughout the house coming up with alliterations to amuse myself...loads of laundry...ominous oven oils... soiled socks...Little League laziness (Leaving Last night's Leftovers all over the Lair)...

March is a tough month. Sooooo ready for warmer weather, but not ready for the busyness that spring time brings. Plus, everyone has a cold, I'm suffering from the craziness that accompanies going back to teaching at The Preschool (yep, started back this week) , baseball practice to tryout for the Minors EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, I miss my camera (see my Feb. 18th post), I'm tired of being chilly all the time and I think my house must have thrown-up sometime between Wednesday and Thursday because it is a MESS in here and it doesn't smell as lovely as I'd like.
Okay, so it's just a cacophony of complaints, I know. And I could keep going, but I think many of us suffer from this March Madness, so I won't.

Except, the icing on the cake? Baby Bundles with my Brownies tonight. Passionate prayers, please.

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