Friday, March 27, 2009

Me Thinks Thou Dost Eat Out Too Much

Diet Tip #5: Never, I repeat, NEVER try a Five Guys Little Cheeseburger with grilled onions. If you already have, you know it's too late. I'm sorry. I can't help you now.

Okay, so I had a little problem this week. Last Friday, my mom invited me out for lunch with her and my grandmother at a Chinese/Japanese restaurant (they serve both -it's not a matter of me not being sure which) and how can I turn down a meal with my elders? my roots? my heritage? Can you tell I'm stalling here? Well, I didn't do too bad there, settling for a teriyaki grilled chicken breast with avocado (creamy deliciousness) with a side of brown rice - of which I only took two spoonfuls, tea - no sugar, and a fortune cookie for dessert. I didn't keep the fortune, but I think it probably said something about needing to get serious about my goals...

It wasn't so bad except that I already knew that I would be going to Five Guys on Sunday for lunch, something I had been dreaming about for days since I had convinced Keith that we needed to go so he could try the burgers (my ulterior motive being that he then share my addiction). I will mention that I do NOT need to eat Five Guys fries, and didn't that day. (small pat on the back. here.) And THEN, we got a phone call from my sis-in-law, Cathy, inviting us to dinner Sunday night. Never mind the baked ham, creamy potato casserole,and broccoli with cheese sauce - she made brownies and HOMEMADE butter almond ice cream for dessert. It is bad enough that brownies are my kryptonite, but to serve them with HOMEMADE ice cream!! I'm so glad my weigh-in day wasn't Monday - or Tuesday, for that matter!
Monday morning I resolved myself to starvation for the rest of the week. That lasted til about 9:30 am, and then I ate breakfast. I decided to just get back on track of trying to eat healthier and continue exercising.

BUT THEN... Maria and I got together on Wednesday to do our part to help stimulate the economy, and were planning to go to a favorite spot of her's for soup for lunch. Nice, healthy, nutritious soup. Our intentions were honorable. But then she suggested we go to this garden center across the street from where we were shopping, and oh, they happen to have a Cafe'. Oooh... garden center with a cafe'. But, 0f course!

~Welcome Spring, Please come in~

After taking in the flowers, please check out those old doors leaning against the wall back there! Be still my heart!

And why are You still here on this table and not in my home?

Okay, I have jumped into a favorite magazine with Mary Poppins, I'm quite sure of it. Either that or I'm being given a glimpse into Heaven.

Oh but wait! We haven't even approached the Cafe' yet...

um...Someone forgot to tell me that I am on vacation!

It was so hard to decide what to order. But we finally both chose the Squash and Chickpea Tangine with Israeli CousCous and yogurt and almonds. Never had a Tangine, didn't know what a Tangine was exactly, but felt that if I was going to have a Tangine, this was the place to try it.

I was right. It was Captial D -licious. And did you notice my Rose Water Lemonade Spritzer served in the mason jar, just behind it?

And how about some right-out-of-the-oven-warm, soft, slightly sweet bread cooked in a flower pot, of course. And served with pea -butter! No, no, not peanut butter. Green Pea Butter. Different. Spring different. Good Different. Not going to run home and make it myself, though, Different.

The only down side to this meal was that the bread came to the table NOT while we were waiting for our meal, but after we were finished, and after having asked for it several times and then being greeted with Attitude by our waitress. I hate Attitude. We just wanted our bread. In the cute little flower pot. With the Pea Butter. Like everyone else. Really. Is that asking too much? Okay, sorry. I am making a too long of a post even longer.

So back to reality. Drum Roll, please:

-.8 lbs. this week. Still rolling in the right direction. Even with a vacation day thrown in.
That'll do.

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  1. This was a very entertaining weigh-in blog. I enjoyed the build up and I've missed your blogging. Congrats on the .8lbs. I've found it and am trying to shake it. =) YAY!