Friday, March 20, 2009

You Give Me Fever

Spring Fever, that is! Unfortunately the only two things that it has ushered in are the return of our groundhog, and the arrival of the tax assessor - both of which presented themselves on Tuesday. Lucky us. Actually, the groundhog, whose been with us for four or five years now, is alot of fun to watch. He stays near the back of the property (as his home is under our shed) and feasts on dandilions and clover. His name is Chewy (because he reminds us of Chewbacca, of course) and should he come near our garden or more importantly my fig tree, he will no longer have a home here. That, and he is not allowed to multiply. He seems to understand the arrangement, though. We provide the weeds, he provides the entertainment. I'll be sure to post some pics of his shanangins, upon the arrival of my new camera (which is hopefully on the 25th according to Amazon!!)

The tax assesor, however - not so entertaining.

Happy First Day of Spring! May warmer days be upon us soon.


  1. The tax assessor finally caught up with you guys, eh? We found out that we were assessed at 108% of the value of our home. We're trying to get ahold of the assessor to explain that and why we have the highest assessment in the neighborhood. Happy Spring!

  2. YOU HAVE A FIG TREE????!!!!!!!

  3. Actually, I have 2. But one hasn't produced any figs yet. Maybe this is it's year!

  4. actually in the future u will have 5 fig trees 2012 to be exact