Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Way Summer Should End

I haven't been feeling very bloggy lately so I am really behind in sharing our random life here. As it is a very gray day here in south Jersey, and I am procrastinating various household duties that I'm not in the mood to do, why don't we try to get caught up? That's house cleaning in a way, isn't it?

When we got back from our cruise in August, there was a week and 1/2 until school started. Noah and Emily tried to make the best of it. Playing with friends, writing and staring in their own plays, and trying to make a few dollars with a traveling lemonade stand. That's right - traveling. I believe I may have mentioned my overhearing such plans a few posts down. Well, that is exactly what they did!

Living in a rural area, in a development of about 25 homes, living on a street that deadends, does not make for much traffic. So, my two Trumps enlisted their friend to bring the product to the people. Of course, of the 25 homes, about half have someone home during the day.

But they managed to sell out of cookies, and had to return for more lemonade. Bless my neighbors!

And in the end, they had each turned an $11 profit, after paying back their supplier (me). But then, I had to give them the $ back to make it an even $12 a piece. Mommy suppliers can do that. It's common business practice. As long as the children are under the age of 12, I believe. A very tidy way to end the summer.

For me, however, the summer did not end so profitably or tidy.

This is my freezer. No, it is not new - just empty. You see when we returned from the cruise, we were greeted by a very full freezer that had been thawing for 8 days. The outlet tripped when we left for vacation.

The resulting stench that broke my nose was not nearly as painful as my broken heart. All of my blueberries, zucchini breads, roasted tomatoes, sauces, soups, parboiled veggies, etc., etc., etc. from our garden, had to be thrown away. It still makes me sad. And as a result, I told Keith that I was done with the garden for this year. It was to be stripped, torn down, forgotten for a time, while I mourn.

A bit overdramatic? Yes, but then I can be sometimes.

I'll just pray that this is not the winter of necessity. I feel very ill-prepared for any coming storms...

On that note, let's return to the beach. Hopefully, we'll get at least one good Fall weekend on the sandy shores, but here are some of our summer beach memories... (you'll need to turn off the playlist music on the side of my blog, first)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Moving Right Along

Okay, okay, enough already. Geesh! That Keith has been hogging up my blog for over a week.

You'll have to forgive me. This whole back to school routine has been a little difficult for me. Too much structure!

Yes, they did go back to school. A week ago today as a matter of fact.

Look at Emmy trying to conceal her yawn... I'm still yawning...

Don't turn back, I know you'll miss me. Really, it's okay, go. Go off to school. Away from your mama for 7 hours a day. I know it will be tough for you little ones. Don't worry, I'll be home awaiting your return. CLEANING UP THE MESSES OF SUMMER!

Alright. You could have at least waved.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lucky 13

Today I have been officially calling this guy
my husband for 13 years. Of course we've known each other for 32 - maybe exactly 32 years, as we met on the first day of 3rd grade. But I called him "Pickles" then (because I didn't like pickles and I did like him, and I didn't want him to know that I liked him - obviously)
In 6th grade we were boyfriend and girlfriend - by proclamation alone, as I wasn't allowed to date, and we didn't really talk to each other. But we knew we liked each other, and he gave me a very pretty necklace for Valentine's Day. (wish I'd kept it, not just for posterity, but to show him that at one time in our relationship he gave me jewelry for gifts.... :) My code name for him was "Mocha Chip" as it was my favorite flavor of ice cream. Of course I needed a code name so that he wouldn't know what I was writing about HIM on my folders, in notes to my bff, and on my paperbag book covers!

There are many names I call him now, but for today we'll stick to my Best Friend and True Love. After all, it is our anniversary.

As an aside....Is it telling that my nicknames for him always involved food?....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cruise: Part 2

( above taken in port at Labadee, Haiti)

Cake Batter. That is what the sand was like in Grand Cayman. This was definitely our favorite Port-of-Call, and I told Keith that he can take me back there anytime, I would NOT be upset with him.

I have to say that I cannot remember the last time I had such a pleasant day. And I am so thankful for the experience and even moreso that we got to experience it as a family.

This is really the ocean! They are NOT sitting in a pool. It was really incredible.

I'm going to fast forward the rest of the trip now. I fear I bored people with all the posts about Disney World in June, and I don't want to do that again. It has been very difficult trying to narrow down which pictures to post here though, since we took about 600 keepers!!

'Cause ya know I luv 'em:

Random shots around the ship:

Cozumel, Mexico:

Pool Time:

And so the sun sets on another Turner Family Adventure.

The cruisin' life style was really very good for our disposition.

And we must thank my parents for the opportunity. Thank you, Mom and Dad!!!

And now we are already planning where our next adventure may take us....somewhere warm, I hope!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Life on Cruise Control

Here is the cast of characters that flew to Miami the day before the cruise departure (we were meeting up with the other four on Saturday) ....

We stayed at the Westin Colonade in Coral Gables which was very lovely. We wandered the streets surrounding the Miracle Mile ( I have never seen so many bridal stores in one place in my life!) and ate a simple dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen which had something to please everyone's palate.

Unfortunately, the only picture I took of this picturesque area of Miami was this:

My breakfast on Saturday morning at the Westin. Just so you understand where my priorities apparently were. And yes, I did pack the GREEN BATHING SUIT! In case you were wondering- the fruit-filled granola pancakes were divine, as was the fruit in the chocolate bowl on the side....

After our leisurely breakfast, we headed over to the port, and after many lines of security and checking-in, made our way onto the boat. We checked out everything from the pool to the arcade (featuring free PacMan among other games...), ate a hearty meal in one of the restaurants on board, and then we waved goodbye to Miami -- actually I guess I should say we waved Adios, Hasta luego, chau. Because being in Miami was like being in another country. For real.

After a full day at sea, sitting by the pool, eating free ice cream, playing miniature golf, and having fun at the first "Formal Night" ...

...we spent a day on the island of Labadee in Haiti. It was beautiful. (you can click on the picture collages to make them bigger)

But it made me sad to see how dependant the local people are on tourism and selling their crafts to survive.

The next day, we sailed to Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We took a very spontaneous trip to Dunn's River Falls and climbed them all the way to the top. It felt like a major accomplishment for the Turner family. I'm glad we did it then, because I have no desire to ever go to Jamaica again. That's all I'm going to say on that.

On the next post, I'll share the rest of our adventure and our most favorite port-of-call. But right now I need to go see what the kids are doing. I saw them getting the lemonade stand Keith built for them 2 summers ago, out of the shed, and washing out the big wagon. I overheard something about a traveling lemonade stand. I think they may be trying to make some money to go on another cruise. My neighbors are gonna love this....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bottoms Up!

So. I blinked and we are already home from our cruise. It was amazing. And I have lots to share, but it's taking me a while to get back into my routine. Missing my sea legs too much...and my wait staff... and my state room attendant... and the man by the pool willing to bring me whatever I wanted...and the time to just lounge on a chair reading a book. Sigh.