Monday, June 1, 2009


I did forget. To post my Friday weight-loss. Oops. Last week was very hectic for me. Aside from the Jam Making (see my last post). There were alot of Finalies for me: Last day of teaching preschool, Last day of leading a Brownie troop (at least til Fall), Last book fair at the kids' school for the year... So lots to do to say goodbye. But I did weigh-in. The results aren't very exciting:

+.5 lbs. But I'm going to make an excuse and say that the stress of the week led me to hold alot of water...and most of my meals. I also made NO time to exercise. Big surprise there. I'm hoping this week will be much better. I miss my trainer, Bob. He's actually a part of my 3 secrets for this week - although I've mentioned him before.
Time for us to start working out together again!
Secret #2
Okay, so I'm not sure if that falls under weight -LOSS secret, but I'd say definitely healthier eating. (The peanut Naturally More is also very good.) And I do often have a hankerin' for some peanut butter, so considering this has less sugar and is high in protein, fiber and flaxseed (Omega 3) I'd say it's a better choice for me then say the Skippy I used to consume. I love this almond butter with a little bit of honey on a toasted Arnold Select Sandwich Thin...mmmmm.
#3 Because I drink alot of tea throughout the day and I don't do artificial sweeteners, I was consuming alot of sugar! I switched to this all natural sweetener - it comes from the stevia plant. When this box is finished, I want to try another like it called PureVia - also from the stevia plant. Just want to see if they taste the same.

So that is what I forgot to share on Friday! Happy Monday!

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  1. I bought laughing cow cheese and wasa bread. YUMMY!
    I haven't gained or lost any weight in the last month it seems...6 weeks until my birthday...11 until the cruise...roughly...