Monday, June 8, 2009

Workin' The Crowd

Two hours may be a long time for some 7 year olds to watch a Little League game, but not my Emmy. She loves to go to Noah's baseball games and watch him play, cheer him on, show her support.

Umm... Emmy the game has started, come watch your brother...

Really, Sweetie. Your brother is playing his game now....

He's up to bat! Come watch!...

Emmy! Did you see that out he made?

Wow! What a pitch! Wasn't that great, Emmy? ... Emmy?

Oh, that's right. It's in my fantasy world that my children are overflowing with excitement and anticipation for their sibling... Sorry about that. I get confused sometimes.

We are missing 3 of Emmy's games while we are away this week. I know Noah is as disappointed as she is because he LOVES to watch her coach-pitch games. Oh, ...wait...


  1. You're POSTING while on vaca??? At the most magical place on earth?? Wow...I'm impressed.

  2. Actually, I pre-posted...Got them ready to go before I left and programmed them to post at various times... :)