Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Every Person Comes Out Tired...


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What does EPCOT stand for exactly?

Is it Every Person Comes Out Tired?

Every Parent Carries Out Toddlers?

Every Pocket Comes Out Thinner?

According to one of our bus drivers it actually stands for Every Paycheck Comes on Thursday, cause that is when the WDW employees get paid.

Actually, it stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

But to me it stands for


And in answer to yesterday's post, EPCOT is where that picture was taken... in Paris to be exact.

There is a new attraction for kids in the "countries" section of EPCOT that was really fun and interactive for the kids. It sends kids (and teens and adults, actually) on a "Kim Possible Mission" to save the world from bad guys. Totally up Noah and Emmy's spy kids alley. They were sent to different countries with an interactive cell phone and told/shown what to look for.

Watch out, "bad guys"!

When they found the things they were told to find, they pressed a button on the phone and it would cause things to happen. For example, they had to find a particular lantern in Japan, and when they did, it lit up. Another time a waterfall started, music played, the Eiffel Tower lit up, etc.

It was great because they really got to see more of the countries and they didn't find it "boring". The only down side was that there were ALOT of people playing so you could here the cell phone sounds all around the countries. I don't think it bothered any of us that were playing, but I heard some complaints from people who didn't know what everyone was doing with these cell phones!

Tomorrow we'll go someplace really WILD....

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