Saturday, May 30, 2009

In a Jam

That's where these strawberries are going...
Anne Marie and I got together on Wednesday to make jam - a process we have both been wanting to do for a while, and decided it would be more fun to try together. Originally, we were going to pick our own, but with the buckets of rain that had poured the night before, we decided a local farm stand would be just as good.
We followed the directions and pictures from Pick Your Own, a very thorough and helpful site.
First, we hulled and washed....

and canned. Then we waited for the popping to start- meaning that they had sealed properly. And they all did! After 18 jars of strawberry jam, we think we are ready for peaches. Mmmm... can't wait! And Crystal said we should try pickles because the colors would look so nice next to each other on the shelf. (Further evidence that we DO share a brain).

And I know, I know... I don't have proper canning equipment. But I'm sure this little "hobby" will be around for a while - so I'm looking into it. Don't tell Keith, though. He'll just shake his head at me and his eyes will roll into the back of his head. Like when I told him I needed to learn how to do this stuff in case of a national crisis. It isn't pretty.


  1. When do you get to eat it? Or are you just making it to put on a shelf? hehe

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm so impressed. The strawberries are beautiful. I have never been brave enough to try canning. Once again you have inspired me! I think I will put this on my list of "50 things to do while I'm in my 50's". Please have a nice slice of homemade bread slathered with butter and your strawberry preserves and think of me!!!

  3. In response to Lori - Look who is talking!! I'd call your Callaloo Soup pretty impressive! Living in rural New Jersey can help inspire one to make jams - at least in this area! And it helps to have a friend who wants to go on the Jam Adventure with you!
    As an aside - I had to laugh when I just went to your site to make sure I spelled 'Callaloo' correctly and saw your Preparedness Post! While I don't live in "weather prone" area, I'm always "preparing"! I loved the post on many levels!

  4. Girlfriend...I so like your taste in music!! I have been listening to your playlist while reading comments on LPM. I didn't see yours, so don't forget to post your Scripture. Mine is Ps 92:4. Found a comment from Rebecca from Conway, Arkansas. She rode on worship team float on Kris Allen Day. Anyway, back to your playlist...I'm definitely using some of these songs on my blog. Speaking of planning, I've been planning my trip to MN. This time my husband is going with. We are renting a cottage on Lake Superior's North Shore. Taking my laptop, even though I have little confidence of having much internet access
    (there at lake, and then at my 70-year-old aunt's). Now listening to "Songbird". One of my fav's is Fleetwood Mac. Okay... bye for now.

  5. The pics you took that day look better than the actual thing!! The farm stand is picture perfect!! The fam loves the jam!!