Thursday, June 18, 2009

First Stop...Senior World

Noah and Emily were under the impression that we were going to Florida to visit my mom and dad at their new home in The Villages. And we were. That was our first stop. They picked us up at the airport late Friday night, and we had a laughter filled ride back to their home. What Emmy and Noah did NOT know was that my parents would not be taking us back to the airport on Tuesday morning, but dropping us off at the WDW resort. Surprise!

The Villages is a very impressive "Over 55" world made up of little neighborhoods, lots of golf courses, many pools, rec centers, and lots of restaurants and shops. It was very fun, if not a little surreal, to be a part of this lively community for a few days. I think my mom said there are something like 75,000 residents, but you wouldn't know it because it is so large, and there are so many things to do. I can understand why my parents enjoy spending time there. Noah and Emmy enjoyed riding around in the golf cart most, followed by the all you can eat pizza at CiCi's. For Keith and I -- probably the people-watching at one of the town squares, during the nightly live entertainment and dancing. It is definitely an experience going to "Senior World".

We'll continue the journey Disney World.

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