Friday, June 19, 2009

A Place To Rest Our Heads

(An aside: I love when they do this...)

Hmm... where did we stay while in Disney World?

It was woodsy...

It had great transportation to the parks...particularly Magic Kingdom

Any Ideas??

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I'll tell ya...

We've had the opportunity to go to Disney World many times, and each time we've stayed at a different resort. This one wins for ease of transportation and location. At least for the season our kids are in right now. It is also very aesthetically pleasing. But if you are planning to spend a lot of time poolside, this may not be the right place. It is very pretty, and there is a water slide ( a must for my kids), but because of the layout of the pool it always seemed extremely crowded. Thankfully, on this trip, Noah and Emily weren't as interested in the pool as they were in the parks.

Hmmm.. Let's play a will be more fun sharing the pictures this way. To make a guess, just click on "Comments" and share your answer.

Where are we in this picture?

Check back tomorrow for the answer, and more of our adventure - should you care to subject yourself to such things...

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  1. of my favorites...the teacups. Even my husband (of weak stomach) will go on these!