Thursday, June 11, 2009

Meet Herb

Now when you read the title, did you say the "H"? 'Cause I have never understood why a guy named Herb isn't pronounced the same as

Herb. Basil, to be specific.

Here are my cast of Herbs for this summer starting from the top row: cilantro, chocolate mint (yes, you read that right, I wasn't just trying to hide some chocolate in the post...) parsley, next row: thyme, basil, and more basil.., bottom row: rosemary and sage. I also have regular mint on my kitchen windowsill. I forgot to bring her outside for the picture.

My herbs are receiving a lot of TLC this week while we are away. Emmy's "camping buddy" is caring for my herbs and our garden this week. It is so nice having a dependable neighborhood friend that will care for our plants while we are away. I wonder if she says the "H". I'll have to ask her when we get home.

But now I I supposed to say the 'H'? Do you say the 'H'? Is it a regional thing?

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