Friday, June 5, 2009

Second Star to the Right

Well, I would have mentioned it sooner, but it was a surprise. For Noah and Emmy. We aren't home, we are on our way somewhere. Wanna guess where? I'll give you a hint...

It is NOT here.

No, this is where I went a few weeks ago with Maria - again. Back to Terrain. One last 'hurrah' before the kids got out of school. It was wonderful...I got the Falafel Burger with Harissa and Tzaziki....

And Maria got the bay scallops with a salad of mixed green and prosciutto...

But I digress.. This is not where we are now. Now we are on a plane - hopefully, not one like this! The kids are missing their last full week of school. Shameful, I know. But worth it. Always worth it.

Another hint tomorrow. Maybe a real one.

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