Friday, May 8, 2009

How many handfuls...

does it take to get to the bottom of a Doritoes bag?

It's called "Emotional Eating". Oh, like you've never done it. So, not one of my best moments but:

-.8 lbs. this week I'm sure once it stops raining I'll be out running marathons and the weight is just going to melt right off. But 9 days of rain can make a girl hungry, and slightly neurotic. I'm told.

Preparing for a fun weekend. No big plans yet, just hopeful.


  1. want to eat those Doritos at the bottom of the bag--they look SO good.
    COngrats on the loss this week! 67 days til my birthday! (aka our goal date)

  2. PS - If I followed along correctly, you have less than 3lb left til your goal!!!!!!!!

  3. I wish you much happiness this Mother's Day weekend. I'm flying to my mom's on Sunday. She doesn't have internet, so I leave my laptop behind and go through major withdrawals when I've been there a couple of days!
    I need to read your WLC posts. I need to lose 20, but just can't get inspired.
    Keep up the good work...and enjoy a few Doritos along the way!!

  4. Umm... I think it is closer to 4lbs. I'd have to check on the Wii - Wii Fit has been my "official scale" and if I weigh-in before Friday then I have to do the subtraction myself. You know me and math. But I'm definitely over half way there. And while your Birthday is 67 days away, I have a vacation in a month -on which I think there will be MUCH eating. So I should probably loose like 20lbs over the next month so that I can be back to the 10lbs. by your birthday. See the math? Okay, much to long a comment on my own post..

  5. Thanks, Lori! A Happy Mother's Day to you, too. A few days "unplugged" can be a good thing - but I understand the withdrawl!!
    This time of year is a good time to get motivated. You can read my WLC posts, but you'll find I'm kind of light-hearted about the whole thing.. which may be why it's taking me a while! It helps having bloggers holding me accountable, though!!