Monday, May 4, 2009

Slow Down

Time is going "weigh" too fast, and I just plain forgot to post my weigh-in on Friday! Let's get THAT out of the weigh (get it, weigh - way..) Sorry, it's been raining for too many days...

-1.8 lbs. Back on Track.

Last week I attended 2 birthday parties for 2 very important people. In MY world. And guess what? I didn't have my camera with me for either occassion. After the devastating tragedy of my last camera, I've been well, camera -shy. Don't want to take the new girl anywhere. Which means I've been missing some important moments, and depending on too many people to email me their shots. So, really, I need to get over it and start taking her out with me. (And yes, my camera can be a She)

ANYWAY, I digress. Last Monday, sweet Shaunessy turned 16. She is the daughter of my dear friend with whom I share a brain, Crystal. Crys and I have been friends since way before we were 16, and I don't know how her daughter can be 16 already, as I think we were just 16 ourselves, weren't we? Reality, though? On Friday, I attended a surprise 40th birthday dinner for my dear friend, Joe - a friend since 5th grade of both me and Keith (well, I guess he wasn't really my "friend" in 5th grade, I just had a crush on him - and Keith - and a few other of their friends - a post for some other time -- or not.) But over the course of this 365 days, 99% of my friends are turning 40 or have turned 40 already.

You know what is interesting though? Turning 16 I dreaded. Turning 40, no big deal. There were all kinds of expectations at turning 16 for me. I'm not getting into them here because even now at 40 the memories make my stomach curl and I get all pukey-like. But at 40, things are much simpler. My heart goes out to all the teenagers out there. So much pressure, finding yourself, trying to create an "image". Thankfully, Shaunessy has a great head on her shoulders (intelligence, wisdom, beauty, creativity and a touch of sass!) but I know it must still be tough for her. She knows WHO she belongs to though, and who she is in Him, so she has the armor to get through these years. But does it have to go so quickly for the rest of us?
Go find a teenager and give them a hug, please.

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