Monday, May 18, 2009

From Brunch To Lunch

I love brunch. I love the food surrounding "brunch", I love the time of day in which brunch is served, and I loved hosting brunch at my house today with some dear friends. Our brunch began at 10:30 and at 2:30 we were still saying, "Okay, I really gotta go". (well, not me 'cause it was my house - that would have just been weird). And then one friend brought out a cookbook she forgot to show earlier and a little more time passed....

Now, not ALL of that time was spent eating, mind you. There was a whole lot more conversation taking place then food being passed. But we did not go hungry, that is for sure.

I contributed my granola with vanilla yogurt and fruit along with the drinks. There was also an amazing roasted tomato and aspargus quiche, mini-muffins and mini carrot cakes, and a scrumptious blueberry bread puddingish dish. I did tell everyone to bring recipes, but they didn't, so when I get them I'll ask if I can share them here.

But more important than the food, was the conversation. That is what feeds me most. This unique group of friends can be completely honest with each other; there are no masks, no competition, no hidden agendas. Just a group of women who care about each other, enjoy each other's company and are never short on conversation or laughter. We are connected to each other from different parts of each other's lives. Some have known each other forever, and some for just a relatively short time. But there is an unspoken connection among this group that is very strong. It is very refreshing. And I am so thankful for it. What a blessing!

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  1. I saw your comment on the LPM blog, and hope it's okay that I stopped by and said hello. I really enjoyed reading this post. You have a great blog! I'll definitely come back for a visit. :)

    It's so wonderful to have women to share your heart with, and be honest. We all need that!