Friday, April 3, 2009


Diet Tip #6?: Get enough sleep.

This may be my first serious diet tip to date. I did not get enough sleep this week - by choice, and as a result: didn't feel like exercising, craved chocolate (more than usual), and held on to food longer (not to get too personal, but Tuesday's dinner is still with me). And this resulted in a weigh-in result of:

=.5lbs. Okay, 1/2 a pound. But it's in the wrong direction.

I found it interesting the direct correlation between not sleeping- so not exercising - so not ridding of any meals since Tuesday.
When I started exercising more regularly, I found it easier to sleep for longer periods of time (which for me is really saying something!) and so exercising became even easier because I wasn't exhausted and I found exercise, specifically Yoga stretching, was keeping everything moving through my system (again, sorry to get so personal...) But when I chose to stay up really late a couple of nights this past week, I really paid for it- as we see from my results above.

Anyway, tonight we are off to see the Phillies in a pre-season game. It's Scout Night and Emmy and I get to be in the pre-game parade (with about a gazillion other scouts and their leaders) unless it thunders and lightenings - which it's supposed to. We will see.

When we get home, I'll go right to bed. Promise. Unless the game is rained out and we are home at 8. Then I can't promise anything, except that next weigh-in will be in the right direction!


  1. IT IS GENETIC! ...There was a week that I was going to bed later and therefore eating more...last week? The week before? I can't remember...either way, it's true...I am sorry to hear that you are storing leftovers...I hope that changes soon. I saw we don't count this week. BLAH.

  2. I know I said I would join in and post my results. Well, something's going wrong with me, as you know, and I can't figure it out. It's been four weeks since I started exercising and eating awesome and this morning I only saw a two lb loss. But that is probably because I fasted since last night and havent had anything to drink either so I could get blood work done today. The doc said it's probably not a thyroid issue, JUST AGE!!! GREEEAAATTTT!!!!

  3. Well, honestly, I hope that it does turn out to just be AGE, girlfriend! Your AGE is still younger than my AGE and if that is the only problem - WE. WILL. OVERCOME. Even if it hurts a little.