Thursday, April 23, 2009

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Gloves - Check. Rope - check. Screwdriver and pliers - check. Tarps - check. Bottled water for the ride - check. Umm... what exactly are we doing again?

They say one man's junk is another man's treasure.... well, in Minnesota they take that seriously. On my first evening in the suburbs of the Twin Cities, my cousin introduced us to the fine art of Dumpster Diving; an event that occurs once a year (I think - maybe twice) and rotates from neighborhood to neighborhood on varying weekends. Neighborhoods take turns putting out to the curb all of the junk - er, um, treasures, that they no longer want, and then other people drive around...slowly.. checking out all of the great stuff hanging out curbside. If they see something they like, they pop open the trunk and slide it in. Whatever is still at the curb after the weekend is then collected by the trash department and properly disposed of - which isn't much after the parade of people who drive by all weekend looking for treasures!

Here is Diana's friend checking out a trombone, flute and trumpet that someone discarded....

And while she was checking out the upright piano that was also being wheeled down to the curb, along came a serious "diver" and snatched up the instruments....

Not to worry, there was plenty more treasures at other households...

Ooo... how about this retro looking faucet for the bathroom redo? Perfect!

After a few hours of hunting, the trunk was full and our tummies empty and ready to head back..

Of course, my mom and I didn't get anything - too hard to put in a carry-on, but I really wish they did this here! Talk about a great way to repurpose stuff! Great Earth Day idea!!

Here is a quick rundown of our Saturday - again - All FREE :

Macy's Flower Show, A total spur of the moment spontaneous Brunch with Gale Gand (of the restaurant Tru in Chicago and Food Network Fame - "Sweet Dreams"), and the Como Conservatory.

Yeah, cranberry champagne (sugar-rimmed glass) butlered appetizers, and samplings of all that Gale Gand made, not to mention the Macy's filled gift bag filled with goodies for us - it was perfect. Except for the sugar rim encircling my face as I tried to get ever last drop of the sugary goodness - oh well, you can dress me up but...

Anyway, tomorrow I'll share with you all about the artistic, creative and gifted woman jewelry maker I met while in Minnesota, and the AMAZING spice store I frequented in St.Paul.

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