Saturday, April 4, 2009

Phun with the Phils!

So last night we went to the Phillies first pre-season game at Citizen's Bank Park for Scout Night. VERY thankful that the ominous storm clouds parted ways around the stadium and we did not experience the thunderstorms that everyone around us did. We just got the benefit of seeing several rainbows! Emily and I, along with my Brownie troop, waited outside the stadium in a line with 9000 other scouts FOR OVER AN HOUR just to participate in the parade in the stadium. It was fun though - until the girls all started saying they needed to go to the bathroom! Thankfully we weren't too far from some port-o-pottys (eek!) It was worth the wait though once we were inside the stadium...

It was very cool being down on the field for the parade.

And we were THIS close to Ryan Howard as he was finishing up his warm up! I am not EVEN using a zoom on this...

(I need to find out HIS weight loss secrets since October! Noah thinks he was secretly on the Biggest Loser)

Very cool perspective from down on the field. And these are just some random players (I don't know, probably famous) from the OTHER team - The Tampa Bay Rays. Oh gosh, I hope that isn't Pat Burrell and I didn't even zoom in!


And despite almost blowing away in the high winds, it was a fun evening. Even Noah didn't mind being surrounded by silly, giggling, screaming girls. He was back with his Phillies and that is all that mattered to him!

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  1. i didnt care i was watchin the phitin phils