Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Turner Top 10

of 2008!
In no particular order...

10. We finally got a visit from the tooth fairy! Noah lost his first tooth on April 10th and lost 3 more since, and Emily started losing teeth on November 28th - and has lost 3 since! 8 teeth in 2008!

and these self-portraits are just a little bonus for you. Your welcome.

9. Our garden had a bumper crop!!

8. Noah's baseball team went 14-0 , AND the Phillies won the World Series making for a very exciting baseball season for us!!

7. Annie and Ian got married, and Noah, Emmy and I got to be in the wedding!

6. My Dad had a run in with a table saw - and lost.... 3 fingers. But alive and recovered and in great spirits. Praise God.

5. We vacationed at Atlantis in the Bahamas and rode waterslides to dream about for life.

4. Tamara came to stay with us from Switzerland for almost a month. We took her to D.C., Philly, NYC, Avalon, Ocean City, Hershey Park, a Riversharks game, the aquarium, peach and blueberry picking, ceramics painting, bowling, swimming and the not to be missed... Cowtown Rodeo! Oh my!

3. Keith turned 40, and I didn't. :)

2. We've entered the gaming world with our first video game system - Wii!

Too new - no pictures of this amazing advancement yet.

1. We enjoyed another fantabulous summer in Avalon - even with gas at $4/gallon!

We hope you had a blessed 2008, and enjoy a most wonderful 2009! Here's to the One who holds the future. My hope is in Him alone.

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