Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Winter Summer Birthday

I ran into a friend last week - well, I don't know that she'd consider us "friends" and I guess I don't either, but there isn't really a word for it...more of an acquiantence who feels like a soul sister - does that make sense? Our paths cross every once in a while and I could talk with her for hours (which is saying alot for me - or her, I guess I should say!) but we don't really KNOW each other. I attend the church she belongs to, but it's large, and my attendance has been a bit scattered of late so we don't really see each other there. But occasionally we'll see each other at the store...this time it was Kohl's. I was pleased to see her (I don't know if the feeling was mutual, but I approached anyway). To get back on track here, we got around to discussing our birthdays - which both happen to fall within a week or two of Christmas. We laughed about getting the short end of the stick, gift-wise, etc. and how we wished to have a summer birthday once in a while... and so since her birthday is this week I decided to make her a very summery card. I looked in the stores for inexpensive sunglasses, a beach towel, and such, but haven't been able to find any. Just the card is probably best anyway, I wouldn't want her to be running the other way the next time she sees me in a store! On second thought, I should at least bring chocolate. It is her Birthday after all!

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