Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Votes Are In!

I know you've been putting off buying more chocolate chips until you heard from me regarding my chocolate chip contest, and I apologize for the delay. But wait no longer will you, because the results are in!

After blind taste testing each of the 5 different chips, my highly trained judges made their choices by secret ballod.

And it was unanimous! I couldn't believe it. Actually, you wouldn't believe how different the chips can taste when tasted one brand right after the other. I was very surprised.

My judges? Well, of course they were the people who will eat most of my chocolate chip cookies - Keith, Noah, Emily, Me... and Em's BFF who was over here for the afternoon.

The winner? Trader Joe's Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips got all 5 votes! So, I'll be headed back out to Trader Joe's at some point this week to purchase many more bags of chocolate chips. But the Chocolate Chip cookie recipe Throwdown will have to wait til next week. I'm off to Arizona!


  1. The nearest Trader Joe's to me is 662 miles away. So...I may have to settle for the 2nd place chip. What would that be?

    Wished I could meet up with ya in AZ, but with the job situation, I need to be frugal (bummer). Have fun in Tucson!!

  2. It's only a 1/2 hour to the nearest Trader Joe's for me, but still - can't run there everytime I run out of chocolate chips!! Oh well. Hershey's came in as our 2nd favorite. After that it was tied between Nestle and Ghiradelli, and last was Essensia.

    I'm hoping that we'll have reason to meet up together sometime this side of heaven in an inexpensive, food and laughter filled venue. I'm excited to see what God has planned for that! ;)