Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's In The Bag!

A few months ago I found a blog website that is full of inspiration, creativity, humor and great photography. The author, Brooke, doesn't post everyday, so it is an easy site for me to follow along with. I like that in a bloggy website. And unlike my own blog, this one is "professional", with sponsors and giveaways and stuff. Anyway, I commented on one of her posts recently and WON a giveaway!! I was thrilled as I never win anything, and since I received the item this week in the mail, I wanted to share both the blog and my prize here with you.

The Prize:

An insulated lunch tote. Trendy, practical, pretty and fun! It looks like I could pack at least 3 pints of Chunky Monkey Ice Cream, 6 chocolate chip cookies, 4 chocolate bars, 2 cupcakes and a diet coke, easily. Not that I would do that. I don't drink diet soda.

And as if I didn't love the stylish patterned wet suit material enough on it's own, it's called the "Gourmet Getaway". Yes, please. Let's book that right now.

Okay, maybe that won't be happening right now, but I can cart all of my HEALTHY, gourmet snacks to soccer and baseball games, and be able to offer refreshing alternatives to all of my soccer/baseball mom friends from my new trendy bag! Now I just need a pair of shoes to match. Hmm...

Check out Brooke's site, but after you fall in love, don't forget to come back and visit me every once in awhile!

And you can get one of these bags, too. Visit Land of Nod here!


  1. That's awesome, Bethy!! I love it! Congrats on winning! And how crazy is this--I was just looking at a bag JUST like that on for a new lunch "bag" for work! haha! YAY!! You won!!! =)

  2. Hey Beth...I've missed you. Just got back from our anniversary weekend in the live music capital of the world... Austin, TX. You should add it to your vacation destinations. Trust me.

    Cool bag. Congrats for winning! I won a cake at a cake walk once. I won $25 dollars in a slot machine at Vegas, and was so excited, I quit and went to mall and bought a purse. My husband wins stuff a lot. That's why I entered his name in the HGTV dream home give away...I'm still waiting for the call. I'm sure it will come any day now.....