Sunday, April 11, 2010

At the moment

I am sitting back in the recliner recovering from 3 whirlwind weekends...Phew! I'd love to get you all caught up in one itty bitty blog post, but I just can't do it. I can't. So, I'll start with the magic of this weekend and work my way backwards. It's what's comfortable for me tonight.

Yesterday, was the pride and joy weekend of our little rural town. We call it: Opening Day. Yep. Little League. Our town is all about Little League. It's all we've got, really. That and horses. And one traffic light. And apple and peach orchards, and, well, never mind.

The day starts off with pretty much the whole town gathering at the school to decorate the team floats. The kids are giddy with excitement, with absolutely no clue to how cold it is with the 40 mile an hour winds.

They are geared up for an awesome season and couldn't wait for the parade to begin.

As soon as all floats were decorated, all non-team members rushed down to the park to await the parade (of floats that they just decorated...)

My guys are on this float. Hi guys!!! Feel free to wave to your mom who has been standing here for 20 minutes freezing her you know what off just to get a picture and a smile, Noah. Or Don't.....

Emmy didn't care. She was having too much fun with friends. Parade? What parade?

Our town even went upper echelon this year with a REAL marching band, " The Orignal Hobos". Yep, we go all out here.

On a serious note, our favorite coach, Jeff, was honored by being chosen to throw out the first pitch. That's his dad, who did the actually "throwing" for him. Jeff's daughter caught the ball with her team all standing behind her, many of which have been on Jeff's teams in past years.

We sure do love that family. It was VERY emotional. That's all I can say about that right now.

Before we knew it, all of this year's teams had been announced, honors granted, National Anthem sung, safety rules read, and the words our kids had been waiting for - finally spoken:

Play Ball!

And my boy, for one, couldn't be more elated!

The Minor Boy's Team played a round robin game/s of 3 innings each. After hangin' out with the River Sharks mascot, (searching for the pictures of this!!!) though, Emmy and I had to book it over to her outdoor soccer game. All of our outdoor activities ended late in the afternoon, much too late to go home and we headed out for Brick Oven pizza with some of our favorite peeps and prepared for today's Championship Indoor Soccer Game for Emmy...

Yep, this has been an all winter endeavor that I never reported on. Em's team had a phenomenal season of indoor soccer, which was a great change over their outdoor fall season....

There's my girl.... so much like her mom at that age - NOT!

I was wearing a tutu at this age, preparing to throw up because the instructor not only wanted me to do pliats, but cartwheels, too. In front of people at that!

Today's championship game was a lose, but that didn't dampen our spirits. The beautiful afternoon was spent helping daddy-0 do yard work.

followed by our first dinner grilled and eaten out on the deck this Spring.

The End.


  1. This past week, hubby and I cleaned out the garage and found all our (now 26 year-old)son's Little League trophies. Such great memories. I know you are enjoying it all!!

  2. I didn't know about the first pitch - I was too busy between the concession stand and the Stokes activites. Just as well - I teared up just reading your post. I don't know how I would have held up that day.