Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Looks Like We Made It

No, I'm not singing Barry Manilow, and I'm sorry if now you are. This isn't a post about 70's tunes, it's about SPRING! I've torn myself away from the great outdoors to share with you how we celebrated our balmy 58 degree weekend.
And this is a picture I took today!!! WooHoo!!

Oh look , there's me taking the picture!

Sorry - back to our regularly scheduled post... This weekend I took my Brownie Troop to a workshop at the beach. It was a "Magical Fairies" workshop.

They painted tooth fairy boxes and made comfy pillows for their tooth.

They made glitter globes and body sparkle....

And they used this... ( oh, the possibilities!!)

to make magical fairy crowns...
And got their faces painted - Emily is a "Fire Fairy" - says she, not me.

After the workshop, we went to the beach!!!

The girls had a blast running around and searching for treasures.

It was a perfect day. And when I got home, Keith announced that we would be going back on Sunday afternoon !! Yeah!!!!
I've told you before where you can always find us in Ocean City, and even in March that holds true...

As long as there are free samples, my gang will be there.

And, well, Keith bought a pound a fudge. We needed our fix.

So Spring!!

And Spring Break for my nephew, Christopher. Emily was just a little excited that he came with us! I'm thinkin' Christopher can't wait to get back to college....

Okay, my angels. Get closer, look like you know each other...

A little closer, please. I just want a picture of the two of you TOGETHER.

Um, okay. I'll take what I can get.
Flock of Seagulls....

Yeah, I'd have to say Winter Weather is pretty much for the....

Couldn't resist. Sorry. Eleven more days til Spring is "Official"!!!!!

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  1. I love the pictures of Noah and Emily! And I can't help but think about when they're older and they look forward to having their pictures taken together...well, at least that is how I feel about my big sis. =)