Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fake It Til I Make It

Well, I've decided that since it seems that Spring is going to be taking her sweet ol' time reaching me, I'm going to have to search out my own Spring until she decides to arrive - or even gives us a clue that she is coming soon.

I started Monday.
Maria and I took on the Philadelphia Flower Show. Despite the throngs of people, it was very good for my soul. It is so hard to decide what to share here, so here are just a few highlights...
These beautiful orchids

were a part of this much larger magnificent display.

This display was so unique, I couldn't decide how I felt about it. I loved the creativity, but it represented how I've felt about the winter - trapped in the ice!!!

This year's "theme" for the Flower Show is "Passport to the World" and so the plants and landscape of different countries were highlighted.
This was South Africa. A lot of seeds and dried plant material were used in very creative ways...
These are just the masks...

I've yet to inform Keith that we really need all of THIS in our backyard....

I mean, come on... there is even a bed with a waterfall right next to it....

I can't imagine how he could possibly have any problems with this, can you? (Careful, don't ruin my personal Spring.)
Oh, look. Another bed in the yard. Very colorful. Very India.

This may have been one of my favorite parts of the flower show...and it was in the shopping section - it wasn't actually a part of the show. These are David Austin Roses...

Until I saw these roses, I wasn't a huge roses fan. I much prefered a bouquet of tulips, or a basket of hydrangea, a vase of peonies or a potted hyacinth. I could go on... but all to say that roses weren't at the top of my list.
Until Monday.

These roses took my breath away.
I needed that. My soul has found some Spring.

What is your favorite flower?
Awake, thou wintry earth-
Fling off thy sadness!
Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth
Your ancient gladness!
Thomas Blackburn, An Easter Hymn

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  1. Beautiful! I'm not a roses person either. But they are so "elegant". I love violets and daffodils and our state flower, the bluebonnet. Oh yeah... and bouganvilla... because they will always take me back to the tropics, mon!!