Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Little Snow Is A Good Thing

Well now, I know I shouldn't have complained so much about the coming storm in my last post. Sorry about that. And as it turns out, the weather guys were wrong! We only had about 4 inches of accumulation which this year is NOTHING! But the kids still had a half day on Thursday and Friday off - so we made the most of our long weekend....
A special lunch with Grams at her residence, in the private dining room....

"The Emilias"

Noah is all about the food - and the fruit punch...

And Grams, she's a simple girl. Just give her the strawberry "Minnie Mouse" and she is happy!

On Saturday, Noah and I had "Date Day" while Emmy and Keith went to an ice skating birthday party. First we went to see Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief. I highly recommend this movie as a mother/son date movie. And afterwards, he took me to Barnes and Noble to check out the Percy Jackson books. But Thirty Nine Clues wins out right now for Noah.

It is amazing what a good movie, a mocha frappucino and a chocolate chip cookie as big as his head will do to my boy....

Sunday: Brunch, baby.... oh yeah!!

Just look at the excitement.... um, don't we all have our own seat -please!

We trek about 40 minutes to get to this favorite haunt.... Tortilla Press. Why the extra effort?

Maybe because THEY make the extra effort....

Citrusy goodness in their fresh-squeezed (like 3 feet away from the table) orange juice...

Or maybe it's the $6 Sunday Brunch entrees that are eyes-rollin'-into-the-back-of your-head deliciousness:

Noah's ChileQuiles

My Huevos Rancheros (yeah, I did pretty much eat all of that)

Emmy's "Eggs The Way You Like 'Em" - which for her should be titled "Four pieces of crispy bacon and honeyed toast as big as my face"

And Keith's breadfast enchiladas.

I really wish I was more versed in the cooking of this type of food myself!!!

We finished off our weekend with a birthday celebration for this guy:

Happy 73rd Birthday Poppy!!!!

For our family, we can always count on Banana Creme Pie in February. It's been the birthday boy's request for as long as we can remember!!!
My Mother-I-L's Artistry:

Okay. No more snow days. I'm full.

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  1. All I can say is... thank God for snow days!! Love your photos!