Thursday, February 25, 2010


We were finally starting to see grass again and then some wisecracker weather guy told me to expect another 10 inches today.

Stop the Insanity! I need me some SPRING!


  1. Because of all the rain we've had in TX this year, our spring wildflowers forecast is .... AMAZING!!! I'm thinking about a driving tour of wineries and wildflowers through the Texas hill country. How about TX for your spring break vacation destination?!!!

  2. Wineries and Wildflowers! Oh, it sounds like a perfect vacation. I knew we were soul sisters - or soul siestas, I guess I should say! If we actually GOT a spring break, I would consider this perfect vacation option! Unfortunately, with all the snow we've received, there really won't be much of a spring break around here - and school may not let out 'til...August at this point!!!