Friday, February 19, 2010

Milton and Me

This is the story of Milton Hershey and me. Do you know Milt? I'm thinkin' you know his chocolate. Why do we have a story together? Well, because we have so much in common. We both love Jesus and chocolate. And I went to his town in January. So, there's that.

Way back in January of 2009, yes - last year - my dear husband, the yang to my yin, gave me as a 40th birthday gift, a weekend at the Hotel Hershey with money to spend at the Hershey Spa. Aahh...

One year later, we still had not ventured off to that chocolatey place. I began to whine just a little. My man made it happen. We descended upon Hershey before the blizzards of 2010 and I found chocolate bliss.

While I'm off at the spa, Keith will take you on a little tour around the cottage where we stayed...

Keith surprised me with chocolate covered strawberries as a little extra gift. Don't they look cute sitting on a bed of jimmies? You don't suppose those jimmies were just for decoration, do you? I sure hope they weren't....they sure tasted like I was supposed to eat them... all.

The room was very luxurious!!!

Bathroom really wasn't too shabby, either. Keith actually took 3 or 4 more shots of the toilet, -must be a guy thing - but I'm sparing you those. Your welcome.

The shower actually had a rain shower head above and two other shower heads on the side walls... heavenly...

We ate at 3 different Hershey restaurants, but I only got pictures at breakfast. Should you ever find yourself in Hershey (which I highly recommend you find yourself at some point) the hotel's restaurant, Harvest, was amazing. I wish I'd had my camera with me for that. Sorry. But here is breakfast at the Circular Dining Room. Also, on my list of places to eat again.

This was our view over-looking the hotel grounds.

We had the buffet, of course. I behaved quite well, I thought.

Well... okay, I almost did. How could I possibly pass up this?

Chocolate Bread Pudding with vanilla creme sauce? Breakfast of Champions I tell ya! Ask anyone on the US Olympic Team. Or not.

Okay, well I tried to do better at lunch. This was the Tuscan Salad at Houlihans, next to the Hershey Museum in the town. It was really quite beautiful, and delicious and I didn't even get dessert. I didn't need to. I had a big ol' dark chocolate Hershey bar in my purse, a small token of thanks from the hotel...

So, that was our Hershey weekend. Well, except for the spa part. I was NOT bringing the camera with me in there! I will tell you that I had a whipped cocoa bath, a rejuvinating facial AND a Cocoa Bean Body Scrub. I highly recommend the last of the three, if you could only pick one. I smelled like chocolate for days. Although, come to think of it, that could have been all the chocolate I was eating....
Thanks for the memories, Milt. You've wooed me. You had me at "cocoa".
I'll be back. The End.


  1. Oh my gosh Beth--I want to go!!!!!

  2. WOW! Too much for a girl who had to eat green jello, fat-free chicken broth, and sprite for a whole day to comprehend. thank God for chocolate!! I'm putting this on "my list".

  3. Sorry, Lori! I should have been more sensitive as to the day I posted this! Hope all went well for you and you are back to eating more sustaining, tasty foods!! ;)