Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time Keeps on Slippin'

slippin', slippin... and I haven't posted in a while. I started a post earlier this week wishing you all a Merry Belated Christmas, but then the phone rang and it was a BFF so we had to talk til all hours, and I never got back to that blog post...

And so here we are. Snow-covered on New Year's Eve 2009. Preparing for 2010. Well, not really, but I like seeing this first decade of the new century so obviously stated. How will you pronounce the new year? Is it "Two Thousand Ten" or is it "Twenty Ten"? I haven't decided yet. I do know that I'll still be writing 2009 on my checks in April, though. It takes me awhile to get used to change.

This has been quite a decade. Ten years ago today, I was triple checking my inventory of food and cash for the inevitable crash that was going to occur as the clock ticked into the YEAR 2000. Obviously THAT didn't happen.

Keith and I were still in pre-children bliss, but eagerly anticipating the birth of our first child after having just told everyone that we were "expecting" that Christmas. We were both working, fixing up our first home, and we were so happy (well, except for my concern about the whole YEAR 2000 thing)

Now, a decade later, and still so happy, we have 2 awesome children, we are in house #2, we've purchased 2 new (and one used) cars, I've had 2 different hairstyles and I'm 2 pant sizes fluffier. I've said goodbye to one grandparent, one dear friend, and a brother-in-law (although he's still on this side of eternity...) And I won't even delve into all of the changes we've indured as a country!

Things sure do keep changing. And I already told you above how I do with change. Not that I don't like change, it just takes some getting used to. And that's why I haven't taken the time to blog over the past few weeks. I've wanted to, needed to, savor the moments I have with my family because in another ten years things will inevitably look so very different from now.

Here is our NOW:

May your New Year be full of fun, laughter,

and may you find warmth in the comfort of dear family and friends.

Have a blessed, Happy New Year! Cheers to the Now, and to our Future!

***Updated on 1/2/2010 to add more of our NOW that I somehow didn't get pictures of on Christmas!

These two nephews of mine need their own post, I think. I'll get to that sometime soon....


  1. 10 years ago I was eagerly awaiting the birth of your first child...and was calling him Pancake as a nickname. Well I didn't know he was a him. I was 20 so I was probably home for NYE with Mom and Dad. I was a junior in college...Oh and in this decade, you gained a brother-n-law too!! Happy New Year! In 10 years I'll be your age! Love your little sissy,

  2. Your "now" is awesome! Happy New Year Siesta!!

  3. Annie - Correction - in this decade a gained TWO BROTHER-IN-LAWS! oops! So sorry. No less love for my two BIL's, just my brain not functioning at full level!!