Friday, December 18, 2009

About Last Night

Last night was the beginning of the end for me --- weight-wise, that is. At least for the next few weeks. Because last night was the annual cookie bake with my sisters-in-law. Thankfully, we only made three kinds.

There were spritz cookies in several different shapes, in both red and green (and some accidentally both red AND green...)

And these....

Which became these....

And then there are these... a personal favorite

No, not the carmel apple martini - I have NO idea how that even got there....
I mean these...
Almond Crescents...ahh...

Aside from the dozen I ate last night, today I've eaten, umm.. well, let's just say I'm covered in powdered sugar right now, and so is my keyboard...
And the worst isn't over. Tomorrow is my own annual cookie baking day. When I make the rest of my favorites. I have to. It's tradition. And I'm big on tradition. I'll be making 2 different kinds of biscotti, and cracker candy and truffles and raspberry swirls and ... and my poor little wii mii. She is going to be in some bad shape - literally.
Here is one cookie I won't be making tomorrow, but I just had to share it because it is so stinkin' cute and creative and crazy time-consuming. Saw it on There are some very cute ideas on that site. However, I do think she must be related to THE Martha. I'm mean just look at these things!

Gingerbread houses that hang over your coffee mug! I know, I know. I rolled my eyes, too. and even had a milisecond thought of thinking I should try to make some. Thankfully it was a fleeting thought.

Anyway, I'm hoping that my home looks like this winter wonderland tomorrow. "They say" we are going to get 10-12 inches of snow tomorrow! Sounds like a perfect baking (eating) kind of day.


  1. Your cookies look wonderful! As you watch the snow falling (this global warming is brutal!!), please eat a few for me. Then drink one of the carmel things for me as well...YUM! The gingerbread houses are adorable, but I don't blame you... I wouldn't go there either! Happy baking and snow-angel making!!

  2. We cleared the front walk so you can drop off cookies. hehe, just kidding...happy baking! The peanut butter ones look yummy. They are Ian's favorite. Good thing he ate all the Hershey's Kisses before I could make them. =) Happy Snow Day! I can't believe how much has already come down!

  3. Hey Beth -
    I had a few minutes today to sit and read your past blogs. (No time for that with school going on.) Enjoyed it. I really think you should write a book. Have I told you that before? Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Andrea :)
    PS Apparently, my mom is now doing her best to find the blog via the laptop as she sits next to me...

  4. they all looks so good..So glad to be back to reading my favorite blogs....and off a ladder decorating trees...
    I am so glad that I joined the blog world....and have made so many sweet friends....Blessings in 2010