Saturday, December 12, 2009


Okay, so I could have done better with the outfits for their pictures with Santa. But, really we were just at a pancake breakfast to support the Ruritans in our community, and boy scouts, and I really wasn't thinking about sitting on Santa's lap. But he was there, so we had to get a picture with him, and tell him what we want for Christmas. And by we, I mean Noah and Emily. I spared the poor man my current poundage. He would have immediately put my name on the naughty list. Plus, my wish list is even longer than Noah and Emmy's this year. I might have had kids throwing candy canes at me 'cause I was hogging up all of the jolly guy's time.
My wish list includes things like a tumbling composter, canning supplies and a generator. Don't ask. It also includes things like magazine subscriptions to Eating Well and Clean Eating, the book Mastering Your Metabolism ( by Jillian - the OTHER trainer...) and gift cards to Anthro and Loft (for when I actually lose all the weight I gained on the ....
Noah has a very modest list this year, and his most desired thing is a Marshmellow Shooter. Emmy? She's asking for the moon - and a puppy, and a DS, and an IPHONE!! among many other things.... What's on your list this year?


  1. I have MYM. I will loan it to you until I need it back...I've looked at it quickly but...currently I don't have time so I will be happy to drop it off for you, compliments of SAnnnie Claus. =)

  2. More time with my family, so I have to make that happen!