Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Despite how often it happens, it continues to rattle me that people can be listening to or reading the exact same thing and come away with something so completely different. Whether it be listening to a TV news reporter, politician or comedian, it is amazing to me how differently people hear what is said. I do not know when this extreme divide occured in our country, but it scares me.

So, I've decided I'll just be listening to Christmas music for a while. Pretty straight forward I think. Simple message. Important message. Timely. And fills me with hope and peace. Because despite all the opinions and interpretations out there, God is in control. Praise Him for the life of that Baby born in Bethlehem.

Last night, we enjoyed a special concert at Barnes and Noble, featuring our very own Noah. Okay, well, he wasn't FEATURED, but he was part of the chorus. Keith continues to be amazed by our son's lack of fear when in front of large groups of people, or even just performing in front of us. Keith has said so many times, "I never would have been able to do that at his age!"

And in 4th grade, I may have very well thrown up and/or passed out in such a situation as this.

But not this handsome feller. Nope. How nice for us. And how nice to hear him singing.

Do you have a favorite Christmas song that you like to listen to or sing? I have too many favorites to say, but I do enjoy singing Bruce Springsteen's version of "Santa Claus is Coming To Town" just to drive my kids crazy :) And I think O Holy Night is one of the most beautiful. But there are sooo many good ones out there! Thankfully - since that's all I'm going to be listening to for a while!

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  1. HE.IS.SO.HANDSOME! To answer your question, I have a lot of favorite Christmas songs...but I really love my Frank Sinatra Christmas CD, and while I don't have the same love for Christmas music as you do, (maybe because I hate that it gets stuck in my head and completely distracts me) I do really like the way Frank does Christmas. =) Thanks for sharing the pictures of Noah!