Friday, January 16, 2009

Great Beginnings

I've been meaning to share how I started out my birthday...greeted by this....

Noah and Emily "surprised" me with a special breakfast in the dining room: grapefruit, a BIG glass of o.j. and REALLY buttered toast. They took this on all by themselves while I was in the shower. When I came downstairs I saw this first:

Notice the different stations around the table...peanut butter without the lid (peanut butter? Emily decided to make her own lunch...) toaster on the chair, the lunch box on the butter, the bread tumbling out of the plastic bag, the sugar and grapefruits, the orange juice container... those poor dears needed our WHOLE kitchen to make this gourmet feast! I'm such a blessed mom. And I can't imagine a better way to have started out my day.

Answer to Wednesday's post.... 1st pic: Anthropologie!! Love that store 2nd pic: William Sonoma ( how'd ya know, Annie??? :) Pic 3: Treated to a birthday lunch of Afternoon Tea at SpecialTeas. We also went to Anne Taylor Loft but I neglected to get a picture. My 3 favorite stores - all in one day! Brings a tear to my eye, never thought it would happen. Thanks for a fun-filled day, Maria!!

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  1. Those pictures were TRICKY!!! I'm glad you had a lovely birthday morning...and that you have the cutest best kids ever...(they remind me of me when I was their age...sigh...teehee)