Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It can be a dangerous thing, having a blog. There is a fine line between sharing/journaling what one is feeling/experiencing at any given time, and creating an image of life and family that might not be accurate. Mostly, I want my blog to be a way to remember what was important to me and/or my family at any given time, and to keep others who are interested up to date. Occassionally, it is a fun way to share tidbits, and always, it is a creative outlet for me.

But when mostly all you post are positive experiences, well, one's life can start to seem - perfect. An individual can start to seem too good to be true. I sometimes start to feel that way with other blogs that I follow. And sometimes, I hate to admit, I compare my life to the perfection they are blogging. And tiny seeds of discontent can grow from that. I don't want that here at this blog. So, I ask for accountability in keeping it REAL.

For instance, if one should think it amazing that I had time to bake so many cookies over the holidays, I offer exhibit A:
My nightmare office that I've been putting off cleaning for months-
the other half of the room is even worse.
And there just happens to be a door and a window leaning against the bookcase there so you can't even see what's behind there. (in fact, not sure what's back there myself...)

For every evening of bliss around the dinner table after the dishes are cleared, know that there are 4 others of complete chaos, spills on the floor, whining and tears. There are many happy times here, but there are days bitten by disappointment, hurt feelings that need mending, floors that need washing and clothes that need folding. For every 2 papercrafting projects I complete, there are still 100 more I want to do. We do NOT eat a vegetable with every meal. And some days I just get in a major funk cause all I want to do is go to Europe. Oh, and my Mii hasn't lost any weight yet and for the past week all I've been craving is chocolate.

Just layin' it out there for ya, people.

I could go on, but I think you get the point, yes? I want to share stuff here, but don't want anyone to see it as bragging, and don't want to be creating a false image. So, if it starts to seem that way, let me know, and you can always stop back here to the Disclaimer to be reminded of just a few of the flaws I've shared so far...

And as for sharing... I'm hoping to share an "after" picture of the office with you within the week. Hold me accountable, please?


  1. If you ever need to feel better about your office, you should see mine...=)

  2. I just came across your blog for the first time and love what you wrote. It's funny because I just posted the indside of my purse, it wasn't pretty but it's real everyday life.