Friday, January 23, 2009

Give, Save, Spend

I figured that since it is National Papercrafting Month - what, you didn't know? Oh. Well, it is, and I guess I should have said something earlier, especially since CTMH is having an awesome special this month because of it. And since papercrafting IS a favorite hobby of mine, I thought perhaps, this month I should dedicate some time to it. Today, I'm starting small, but I hope to have some more to show you after the weekend.

Something I've been wanting to do for Noah and Emmy for several years now, just couldn't discipline myself to save the 6 jars. After going to the Container Store last week, I found these, and decided they would do.

I hope they inspire Noah and Emmy to Give a little more, Save a little more, and financially speaking, Spend a little less.

In what ways do you hope to Give, Save, and Spend in 2009 - financially or otherwise?

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