Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Another Love Story

Back in the fall I read the book Where Hearts Are Free, by Golden Keyes Parsons, a historical romance, but not of the harlequin type as the cover unfortunately suggests...

But being a hopeless romantic, and because I agreed to do a book review for Thomas Nelson Publishing, I cracked the pages.  This novel swept me off to the 1600's into the life of a wealthy girl named Bridget, who finds herself in love with Phillippe, the boy she has grown up with, but who also happens to be an indentured servant to her family.  A dark secret she shares with him as a youth, comes crashing back years later and Bridget is in danger, and engaged to a man she does not love.  Phillippe is torn between perceived loyalties to his family and their faith, and his love for Bridget.  Both of them struggle with their devotion to their families and faith and how their actions will impact that.  In the end, they both trust in God and His plan and everything else then falls into place.

I do love a good romance, and when it is set in historical times, it just seems all the more sweeter, more innocent.  When I finished this book, I had a great desire to visit with Jane Austin and the Bronte' sisters and devour their books again.  And since reading this book, I have.  If you enjoy historical fiction, love stories, and books with an element of faith woven through, I think you will enjoy this book.  And,  I recently learned that When Hearts Are Free was actually the 3rd book in a series! Obviously, it wasn't necessary to read the first two books beforehand, as I didn't feel I missed anything while reading, but I think I'll go back now and read the other two! 

Have you read any good historical fiction books lately?

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