Saturday, May 8, 2010

Name the Movie

"Donkey, you HAVE the RIGHT to remain silent. What you lack is the CAPACITY!"

Sometimes people say hurtful things. Sometimes those hurtful words come from a person who claims to be your friend. It could be just a fragile moment for the friend - or maybe that person just has a different definition of what being a friend means.

Recently, I had a friend say some things that were completely untrue about the essence of who I am - in front of me, and other people who didn't know me as well as I THOUGHT she did. I actually believe that she didn't even think there was anything WRONG with what she said. Because I tend to handle things very differently than she, I didn't react to what she said in front of those other people. Overthinking the whole situation (something I tend to do), at first I let her words make me feel all knotted up and twisted inside.

But then I realized, her words don't define me.

My life and who I am is defined by the One who created me. That is something that this friend doesn't get about me. My motivations are different than hers. So my actions - and reactions, are different.

Sometimes, I need gentle reminders of that fact. And once I wrap my head and heart around that again, I can see the forest through the trees. And the view is beautiful from there.

These pictures were taken at Winterthur - yet another DuPont estate in the area. I have more pictures to share of this blissful day, which I'll share, along with a recipe, tomorrow! (or next week...) In the meantime, I have a friend that I need to go talk with.

PS: The words of wisdom are from the movie......SHREK! Did you guess that? What a smart audience I have...

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  1. I love your perspective. We don't see the whole picture... but our God certainly does!