Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Darlin' I love you but give me Park Avenue"

For the past week I have been immersed in "nature", and I think I'm ready for the SPA, thank you.

On Tuesday and Thursday, I acted as a chaperone and photographer to the 4th grade of our school. First, we walked to the town park....

where the classes were divided up into groups of 3 and each assigned a task..

My charges were assigned to find things in nature that catch their eye....

They got right to work....

ME: Hey, guys, how about this?

well, maybe...

I guess....

Sure, if you say so....

You think?....

OH COOL! Come here, Mrs. T. You've gotta see this! Mom, take a picture of this!!!

Two days later, we walked back to the park and the kids' project was to create artistic designs using nature as discovered on our first trip....
I kept my mouth shut, ( I did to!!!) and kept my camera clicking and after a 1/2 hour of strategic planning and unabashed creativity - this is what my group came up with:

They were very proud of their achievement. Particularly their use of thorns to hold down the fragile leaves to the sticks.

They weren't quite as impressed with the fact that I had to practically climb a tree over the water in order to actually take any pictures of their masterpiece. It was worth it anyway.

On Friday, I took my Brownie Troop on our first overnight experience. We went here:

And stayed in here:

As close to a tent as I hope to get with my troop!

Cost to stay here and have my daughter and troop study animals up close and personal,

Learn about constellations, and make star charts, all during a scream-seeking lightening and thunder storm...

And stuff themselves silly full of SMore's

before going to sleep in these posh accomodations?...

The cost of new sneaker's for my girl the next morning, after going on a hike .....

to do a pond study....

and play in the mud collecting samples,

About $30, if I catch a good sale.

The cost to witness the awe,

and excitement in her face as "Kermie" was caught, studied.. and then

released back to his home in the pond?

Let's say it all together now: Priceless.

Maybe Green Acres really is the place for me.


  1. As a kid, I loved field trips. As a teacher, I hated them. It's tough to keep up with all the little darlings without losing any! However, I did make the sacrifice (twice) to be a teacher/chaperone/school photographer on 2 trips to DC. After all, I did it for my country!!!
    And camping... if I don't have a private bathroom, electricity, ac, and a kitchen...well, let's just say, it's not for me.
    So does that mean I'm supposed to meet you in NYC?? Or does it mean I'm supposed to be your chaperone at The Alamo??

  2. I love the pictures Beth! Very cool!

  3. looks like fun! Tiring, I bet. :-)