Thursday, April 22, 2010

How Will You Spend Earth Day?

Today is Earth Day. I’m not sure when this "holiday" began, and fortunately for you I’m (feeling too lazy) much too busy to research that at the moment. However, I think more and more people are trying to make EVERY day Earth Day and I’m glad for that. Whether you are in the camp of global meltdown or global freezeover or somewhere in the middle, we all live here and until we hear that trumpet call, will continue to live here - and our kids and grandkids and greatgrand kids, too. So, we really should try to take care of God’s creation. Yes?

So, how WILL you spend Earth Day/s?

Will you:

Look into recycling more?

Plant a garden?

(can you believe I’m holding about 18 heads of lettuce in my hand?)

Go for a walk?

Turn out the lights in the rooms you aren’t currently in?

Stop using plastic bags at the grocery store?

(I know, I forget to put the resuables back in my car, too. Is that really a good enough excuse?)

Buy produce from a local farm?

Stop throwing out batteries in the regular trash?
Use a stainless steel water bottle and stop buying bottled water?

I guess every little bit every one of us does has to help, right?

This week I went to Longwood Gardens. Not because of Earth Day, but because of a coupon. But as I walked around admiring the beauty of God’s creation (and Mr. duPont’s foresight) I couldn’t help think it was the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day. Honoring the One who created it! So I thanked Him for

The Colors in His Creation


His Creativity


His Sense of Humor


His Beauty


His Perfection in Nature


Shame on us for taking it all so much for granted. Maybe a good way to celebrate Earth Day would be to just stop and smell the roses and spend time in prayers of Thanksgiving.
Happy Earth Day!


  1. Thanks for a great day!

  2. Beautiful photos Beth!! I'm inspired that every day ought to be THANKSGIVING!!
    And Happy Earth Day to you as well.