Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hey, Cupcake!

Over the past year I've been seeing lots of things about cupcakes and their new found place in entertaining. Have you noticed this? Cookbooks entirely devoted to cupcakes, cupcake stationary, cupcake plates, really cool cupcake liners, cupcake t-shirts, cupcake everything! I've been toying with different cupcake ideas and then found two sites that were exactly what I was looking for, but all the thinking was done for me already.

First, I'll share the sites, but you must promise to come back to visit me from time to time. These ladies are professional to my amateur for sure!

The first is Bakerella - she has been mentioned in a number of magazines, and was even featured on Martha Stewart - and it started with this: cupcake pops

Next, a Sr. Close To My Heart Consultant, who is much more creative than myself, on the west coast, who shared this awesome papercrafted cupcake: Papercrafted cupcake

So, when I've had a little time here and there over the past week I've been trying these out. Here is my first attempt!

The Cupcake Gift Card Holder:

The Gift Card hides in the cupcake! Just pull the cherry up and viola!

And here are the Cupcake Pops:

They are as yummy as they are cute. Oh, and here is my little cupcake:

The recipe for the cupcake pops is on the Bakerella website. I made my own cream cheese frosting (for the cake mixture) and used Wilton pink chocolates for the icing, and Nestle chips with a little vegie oil for the coating on the base.

Both of these projects are now a permanent part of my collection. Loved them, and will be doing them again for sure! Not only fun and tasty, but very therapeutic!

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