Thursday, February 5, 2009

Don't Sneeze!

okay, so now that I found the camera cord thingy, I can FINALLY share pics from last weekend. On Friday, we attended a Spaghetti Dinner school fundraiser. Surpassed my expectations because the 6th graders served us, dressed up as Italian waiters with big chef hats AND there was entertainment... the 6th graders parents who were working in the kitchen and behind the scenes sang "Pasta Queens" to the tune of Abba's "Dancing Queen"... so get the tune in your head - here are some of the words some very creative individual wrote...sing along...

Friday night and a chance of snow, Looking out for a place to go
Where they serve the right meatballs, Sauce is nice and hot
You want to eat a lot!

Anybody could do the job, Can't be lazy or a snooty snob
Have to love to serve people, Have to get the job done,
You're in the mood for fun.

And when you get the chance:

You are the Pasta Queens, Mature and wise, Twenty -plus-seventeen.
Pasta Queens, Feel the heat from the kitchen steam
Oh, yeah!
You can stir, You can pile
Spaghetti as high as a mile
Ooh, ooh, ooh,
See us girls, watch the canteen, dig in the Pasta Queens.....

There are actually several more verses, but you get the idea. I love that I live in a small town where we can be silly like this. It was very refreshing to see these women (and man) up in front of us, just being so silly for their kids - and us. Loved it.

On Saturday, Emmy celebrated her 7th Birthday with her friends at the CLAY PLACE. What a cool store. Lots of creative inspiration there...

Got our game faces on for the Superbowl on Sunday...

at my sister's house. So, according to Noah, the 3-D event was overrated, but a thumbs up to the Dorito commercials...

And here we are with another weekend right around the corner. I'll have my memory card IN the camera this time!

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