Friday, March 16, 2012

Bus Fumes and Bakeries

Dear Noah,

Yesterday morning after the school bus carried you and Emmy off to a day of your own and I began the walk home from the bus stop, my senses were shaken by the scent of bus fumes and the sweet smell of pastries.  An odd, unexpected combination, but one that I was familiar with, and it caused me to stop in my tracks.  I had been transported back to my life in Italy, where each day I experienced this noxious perfume as I walked the streets of Bologna.  I hated it then, but a part of me grieves for it now.  And I didn't want the smell to dissipate as I began walking again back home.

But Now is this:

Watching you Eat Ice Cream Sundaes off your head....

Celebrating 15 years of marriage in Grand Cayman...

Caring for this little "Baby Cushion" twice a week...

and Celebrating Birthdays...

All good stuff.  And none of it would I trade for even an afternoon back in Italy.  Even if there is a bakery trip included.

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  1. oh surreee, write to Noah...hmph. Thanks for posting! That's a cute picture of the baby cushion!!