Monday, January 9, 2012

There's A Motion on The Floor

Over this past weekend, I caught my son reading...

All of the past posts.  Chuckling, reminiscing... asking me for more details about certain things I blogged.  And then he started sending comments on a few.  The last one got me:

turnerkid said...

hey mommy when r u gonna start the blog again
i really enjoy seeing myself in the past and i wanna see myself in newer pics

Weelll...  I had stopped blogging because I have been feeling the need to be more private.  Maybe it's because I was getting tired of how public so many people are with all of the info they share about themselves online.  Of getting the feeling that some people saw themselves as celebraties because of the number of people who read their blogs or friended them on facebook.  How self-important some people were sounding and acting on facebook and other social media outlets, and it gave me pause. Did having this blog make me any different? How do I sound to other people here?

But I started it as a journal for my family.  As a way to share our life with a far away friend in Switzerland.  As a way to update my snowbird parents on their grandkids.  And I never realized how much it meant to my kids.

So, I will continue my journal here.  For turnerkid.  I second the motion.  All those in favor?


  1. Ditto to what turnekid said. I've missed your blog!

  2. I!! I love reading your blog although that was back when I hardly got to see you!! So now I know all the good stuff. But I M sure someone out there wants to know about baby cushion and her arrival! I mean you mentioned her 8 moths ago!!! Yay for blogging!!!