Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

I started this blog two years ago with a post about Noah and Emily creating our gingerbread house by themselves.  Last year, they again created a masterpiece.  This year, they wanted to create an entire village.  Well, this year their plans went a little, um... skewed.

This is as far as they've gotten this year.  It's supposed to be the "bakery" that you can see on the box in the background.  They gave up.  For now at least. 

Looking at Noah and Emily's "bakery"  I'm reminded of a manger.  A manger.  A reminder of His Master Plan.   A reminder of the ultimate gift given.  A reminder of a love so big it is impossible to fully comprehend.  A reminder that He is in control, despite MY best laid plans.  A reminder that He can take our mistakes and give them purpose.

A reminder of something made perfect from something so fractured and lost.

I guess, on second thought, it would seem this humble little bakery may very well be a sweet, sweet Christmas decoration for our home after all.

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