Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Surprise

Are you a rush to the mall before the sun rises kinda person on Black Friday?  A Cyber shopper?  Have you been camped out in front of Best Buy since late last night with turkey and cranberry sandwiches wrapped in cellophane hoping to get the one flat screen in the store that is on sale for $199 even though you don't even need another tv? 

Well, if Black Friday shopping is part of your Thanksgiving tradition and you do score a big ticket item for a teeny weeny fee, good for you.  And if you didn't get that Tom-Tom GPS for $29.99 that you stood in line for hours hoping to get, or you got pushed into a tower of beeny babies by a woman trying to get to the last Dancing Mickey, I hope you at least got to experience something like this:

Funny, beautiful and what a nice reminder of what the holidays are all about!  I wish I were in one of these groups that goes around surprising people with song... of course I'd have to be able to sing, so there's that.

Happy Shopping or Left-over Eating Day!

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